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The Places a WebQuest Will Take You!

Nancyruth Leibold, EdD, RN, PHN, CNE

Assistant Professor of Nursing

Southwest Minnesota State University

WebQuests are an online learning strategy that includes inquiry and active learning by learners as a specific task is accomplished (Dodge, 1995).  Constructivism is the foundation for WebQuests and learners acquire new knowledge via WebQuests (Lahaie, 2008).  Learning activities through a “quest,” coupled with resources engage the learner to discover new knowledge or perspectives.  The following chart organizes information about WebQuest in nursing education.

Table 1. WebQuest information for nurse educators

A WebQuest is an effective teaching strategy that is received favorably by nursing students (Leibold & Schwarz, 2014).  The learner completes a “Quest” learning activity to includes critical thinking and building new knowledge.  WebQuests are founded on the philosophy of constructivism (Lahaie, 2008).  Additionally, WebQuests may be designed by the teacher or an already published WebQuest may be used..  In addition, WebQuests are convenient for the learner to use at any time as long as a computer and internet access is available.  A WebQuest can be short, such as for one unit or long such as for several units or final course project.

Below are further WebQuest resources!


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Author Brief

Nancyruth Leibold has been a nurse educator since 1984 in staff development and higher education.  She currently teaches online at Southwest Minnesota State University in the Department of Nursing.  Nancyruth has a special interest in the use of technology and teaching strategies.



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