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Public and Community Health Nursing

Welcome!  This is my collection of public and community health nursing resources.  Scroll down and you will find the resources organized by topics in alphabetical order of subheadings.  Enjoy!  Happy Learning, Nancyruth


Public Health Policy and Advocacy, University of Minnesota online free course

Centers for Disease Control (CDC)

Vital Signs

Vital Signs is a great public health information resource managed by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and Prevention.  The location is:

The A-Z index at the top of the page has a wealth of information about public health topics.  This resource could be very valuable to you as you prepare your course assignments.

Pertussis, CDC:

Data and Statistics by Topic:

Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System, CDC:

National Notifiable Diseases Surveillance System (NNDSS), CDC:

Gateway to Health Communication and Social Marketing:

CDC Wonder:

Community Assessment

Leibold, N. (2017). The community assessment interview. [animated video]. Retrieved at

Conducting a Community Assessment


Creating a Partnership:  Building Rapport with Your Patients

Community Health Interventions

Leibold, N.  (2018)  Introduction to comprehensive school health program.  (This resources introduces the Comprehensive School Health Program.  This lesson received a Lesson of the Week Award in May of 2018 from SoftChalk!)  Edition 1.0.  Retrieve at

Leibold, N.  (2018).  The use of peer leaders in school health education.  Edition 1.0.  Retrieve at

Leibold, N. (2017). Population health interventions: Health education and social marketing. Retrieved at


Leibold, N. (2016). How to write community health education behavioral objectives. Retrieved at

Community Health Status Indicators  *****

National Public Health Data Resources:


Contract Tracing Course:

Cultural Resources


Culture Cues


Leibold, N. (2018).  Introduction to epidemiology.  Edition 1.0.  Retrieve at

Ethnomed—Patient Education in 24 Languages

Cultural Competence Health Practitioner Assessment (CCHPA) Online Tool

Nurses and Students can take this cultural competence assessment to find out their stengths and areas for improvement related to cultural competence.

Transcultural Nursing Society    at

Transcultural Health Care

Free book chapters in PDF form of various cultures



Refugee Health Information Network



The Office of Minority Health

Disaster Nursing

University of Minnesota, Franklin County Disaster Online Simulation

Environmental Nursing

Environmental Public Health Nurse Resources


Introduction to Epidemiology, University of Minnesota online free course

The Weekly Epidemiological Record  WHO


Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report

History of Epidemics and Plagues:

Understanding the Epidemiologic Triangle through Infectious Disease:

Who is John Snow?

Lady Montagu:

National List of Reportable Diseases

Steps of an Outbreak Investigation:

Evidence-Based Public Health Nursing

Evidence-Based Public Health Nursing

Includes an online tutorial with 6 modules for EBP in public health nursing

Faith Nursing

Faith Community Nurse Network

Family Nursing

Genomics and the connection to Public Health, University of Minnesota online course

Family Assessment in Community Health Nursing

Home Visiting

Home Visiting in Community Health Nursing

Bag Technique Video 1


Bag Technique Video 2

International Nursing

Global Nursing Caucus:

A Global Profession:

Lead Screening

Occupational Health Nursing

University of Minnesota, Occupation Health and Safety Online Module

CDC Workplace Safety and Health Topics:

Oral Health

How much do you know about oral health?  Self Assessment for Schools Nurses

Application of Fluoride Varish Video—

Populations, Aggregates

Community and Aggregate Assessment   Good Video

Various online learning modules (great ones!) in Population Health:  These are outstanding virtual modules for Population Health!  Many great ones here and are up to date!  Association for Prevention Teaching and Research:


Models of Prevention

There are outstanding virtual modules for Population Health!  Many great ones here and are up to date!  Association for Prevention Teaching and Research:

How to write community health education behavioral objectives.    This virtual lesson activity focuses on how to write community health education behavioral objectives!  Retrieved at

Program Evaluation

CDC Program Evaluation Framework:

Public Health

New York Learns Public Health

Wheel of Public Health Interventions.  Minnesota Dept of Health.  Includes scenarios and discussion questions –

Harvard School of Public Health

This site has a free book online about health literacy

American Public Health Association

Public Health Institute:

Howard Hughes Medical Institute

This is a long list of free video clips you can use—this series is related to viruses and public health

See also the menu tabs of numerous videos, lesson plans, webquests, etc

Public Health Foundation—a frequent fav of students


US Public Health Commissioned Corps


US Public Health Nursing Services


National Institute of Health

Association of Schools of Public Health


CDC Learning Resources:

ACHNE Resources for Public Health Nurses

Public Health Practice:

Rural Nursing

Online Journal of Rural Nursing and Health Care

School Nursing

New Mexico Online Tutorials for School Nurses

This free and excellent online resource contains 15 modules designed for school nurses with a variety of topics from emergency preparedness to Assessment and Triage to a variety of clinical scenarios.

World Health Organization


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