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This website serves as a compilation of quality resources for writing in the discipline of nursing.  Scroll down to see the collection!
7th edition APA tutorial by Nancyruth:  
Leibold, N. (2020).  7th Edition APA Format Lab Version 1.0.  Creative Commons License:  BY NC.
APA Format Resources
Purdue OWL APA Format Guide at
Leibold, N. (2017). The difference between citations and references. [animated video]. Retrieved at
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Scholarly Writing Resources in Nursing

How to write paragraph summaries of nursing research studies for your review of literature section of the evidence-based paper 1.4 at

How to set custom grammar and spell checks in word:

Writing a scientific abstract in nursing by Purdue Owl.  Go to URL and download powerpoint presentation to watch:

Purdue Owl Writing as a Professional Nurse  at


UCLA Writing in Nursing


Purdue Owl Writing in Nursing


Purdue Owl Writing in Nursing Bibliography



Nurse, Author, & Editor is a free online journal.  You will need to open an account and then you will have free access to the articles in this journal.   At

Help with Proofing and Editing

UNC Editing and Proofing at

Grammarly at

Emory University Revising and Copyediting at

Proofreading at

University of Minnesota Online Grammar Handbook:

UNC Proofreading Video at

UNC Getting Feedback on your Writing at

 UNC Author Feedback Sheet at

Help with Grammar by Emory University:

Writing to Find a Nursing Position/Job

How to write a RN Resume by UCSF (15 minute tutorial that shows you step by step how to write your RN resume):

Resume and Cover Letter Writing Examples and Resources from UCSF:

Publishing Resources

Writing for Publication, a free e-book authored by Christine Webb (2008) is at