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Multimodal Writing in Nursing

What is multimodal writing in nursing?  

By Dr. Nancyruth Leibold, EdD, RN, PHN, CNE

Multimodal writing in nursing refers to a variety of writing mediums in the nursing discipline, such as webpages, patient records, concept maps,PowerPoints, electronic posters, blogs, wikis, care plans, editorials, comics, animations, videos, discussion questions in a courseroom, Letters to a Legislator, reflective writing, scholarly papers, budgets, and etc.  It is important to develop a number of writing mediums in nursing to advance the discipline of nursing.  Multimodal writing is Scholarly Writing in Nursing, however with the advances in society and technology, I created a special page to highlight this information!  Writing in the discipline of nursing is much more than just words in a manuscript or paper document!  Publishing in the discipline of nursing is much more than just journal articles!

Following is a collection of examples of multimodal writings:

Example of a Glog (Electronic Poster) from Glogster:  Pathways to Conflict Resolution for Nurses in the Workplace at

Example of an Animation Video:  Writing the thesis statement.  Retrieved from

Examples of resumes and cover letters when job hunting:

Examples of Letters to Legislators:  (click on advocacy and then legislation if the legislation screen does not pop up)!legislation/c1wld

Examples of Multimodal writing from Kent State University at

Example of a Virtual Simulation: /showcase/CreatingEffective Meetings/story.html

Kairos Multimodal Instruction:

Pathway with dusting of snow in birch forest at Nancyruth's cabin 

The Artiface: