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Nurse Meditations


Leibold, N. (2021). Loving-kindness self-talk meditation. [Video, 6 min, 33 sec]. CC BY NC. 

Grounding and Forgiving:

Leibold, N. (2021). Forgiveness Grounding Meditation Exercise. [video, 14 min, 59 sec]. CC BY NC.

Listening and Centering:

Leibold, N. (2021). Listening and Centering Meditation. [video, 10 min, 55 sec]. CC BY NC.

Put Your Feet On the Ground:

Leibold, N. (2021). Physical Grounding: Put Your Feet on the Ground. [video, 6 min, 25 sec]. CC BY NC.

Centering and Grounding for Holistic Nurses:

Leibold, N. (2021). Centering and grounding for holistic nurses. [video, 14 min, 18 sec]. CC BY NC.

Meditations and Lesson Plans:

(the pair--meditation and lesson plan are grouped together in this list)

Planetary Health and Grounding:

Leibold, N. (2021). Planet Earth Grounding Meditation Lesson Plan. CC BY NC.

Leibold, N. (2021). Planet Earth Grounding Meditation. [Video]. CC BY NC.

Grounding Mini-Meditation with Aromatherapy:

Leibold, N. (2021).  Grounding Mini-Meditation with Aromatherapy Lesson Plan.  CC BY NC.

 Leibold, N. (2021). Grounding Mini-Meditation with Aromatherapy.  [Video].  CC BY NC.

Belonging Mini-Meditation:

Leibold, N. (2021).  Belonging Meditation Lesson Plan.  CC BY NC.

 Leibold, N. (2021).  Belonging Meditation.  [Video]. CC BY NC.